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Naturewise Time Release Probiotics Oral Health Fresh Mint -- 3 billion CFU - 50 Chewable Tablets

Naturewise Time Release Probiotics Oral Health Fresh Mint -- 3 billion CFU - 50 Chewable Tablets

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  • Unique oral health probiotic blend includes 12 clinically researched beneficial bacteria strains to provide oral health support.
  • Includes BLIS K12 and BLIS M18 Streptococcus salivarius strains to promote tooth and upper respiratory health in adults and children.*
  • Every sugar-free chewable probiotic tablet has a delicious mint flavor to provide immediate breath-freshening benefits.*
  • Free of wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and sugar. May contain trace amounts of milk proteins.

Advanced Protection for Teeth & Gums

This formula contains probiotic strains that have been clinically tested for their ability to colonize and persist in the mouth, where they can help promote a healthy balance of oral bacteria. By breaking up dental plaque and neutralizing lactic acid, these probiotics may contribute to fresher breath and better dental health over time.

Ear, Sinus & Throat Health

ENT complaints are one of the most common reasons for doctor visits. An imbalance in oral and sinus bacteria can leave you vulnerable to ear, throat, or upper respiratory health problems. NatureWise Oral Health Probiotics tablets begin working in the mouth to boost natural immune support for healthy oral microbiome and normal upper respiratory health in both children and adults.

First Line of Immune Defense

The mouth is one of the first entry points for pathogens to enter the body, and the beneficial bacteria that live there serve as our first line of defense against invasive microorganisms. NatureWise Oral Health Probiotics supports your immunity by helping to maintain a healthy balance of oral bacteria by providing more beneficial species to crowd out harmful microbes

Long-Lasting Fresh Breath

Invasive oral bacteria species such as P. gingivalis and F. nucleatum are known to produce malodorous byproducts that can cause bad breath. While mouthwash and breath mints may temporarily mask the odor, NatureWise Oral Health Probiotics is designed to help support healthy oral bacteria and reduce the population of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth, which may promote fresh breath over time

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